For the first time, many of the ride-hailing companies have come up with wheelchair-accessible vehicles through the company‚Äôs app using the model of a very famous Taxi app clone.  This facility here offers specially-outfitted cars to all the wheelchair users in the city at a nominal rate. Initially, the wait time will be a little more due to the arrival of these new services but later these times will become less. This is a service that will operate just like the traditional taxi service that provides services to all the local riders. The riders here need not worry since the driver will help you to get on and off the vehicle.


This personalized and accessible transport system is meant for those who have some sort of a mobility restriction or a disability. The service here is beneficial to the people of the following categories:

  • People with some sort of disability but need to commute on a regular basis from their homes to different places. These rides for handicapped people are very amazing; their services are impeccable as they drivers keep good care of the handicapped people. They take complete responsibility of the disable person and drop the person with safety. The handicapped riders can even ask for the help if there is any special requirement or any special equipment is required while commuting from one place to another.
  • People who wish to attend rehabilitation services at hospitals for physiotherapy or any other necessary treatment needed. Uber clone for handicapped will pick them up as per on their request place through the app. The driver will arrive to the pickup location within 5 minutes or less with some extra help if required. If the patient is not at all movable and is unable to do any movement, a full size stretcher facility will be provided to that same person. Many people are unable to speak and fail to elaborate their requirement, but here, no need to worry. The uber clone for handicapped will be providing them as customized options that will help those people to tell their requirements. Now, this is something very helpful for the most of people out there as many people are not able to use these on demand app due to their disabilities and voice problems.
  • People with disabilities willing to travel for personal or social activities can book their ride and can travel with any fear. The disabled and handicapped people can commute from one place to another in just few taps on their smartphone screens. If booking the ride from uber clone for handicapped then handicapped riders get medic support too. In every ride, there will be medic who will take care the disabled rider.

The drivers are friendly and take care of the patients until the trip is not over.

After reaching to the location, the driver as well as the medic takes the handicapped rider to the place inside where he or she supposed to go. They hand over that same disabled person to the responsible person. Until and unless they are not sure that their rider is in responsible hands, they do not leave the place.

  • Senior citizens who are really old require this mode of transportation. This facility is actually built for senior citizens as well as for the people who live alone and are handicapped. The charges for the services are not so high. The prices are very less so that people don't have to think twice before booking a ride for commuting from their location to another. Old people usually found unable to travel alone, so they can easily book a ride through uber clone for handicapped and in very less time, the ride will be in front of their door steps. Many women senior citizen do not like to travel with male driver, so there is no problem. The uber clone for handicapped even has an option to select the gender of the driver.

The other benefit that you get is that this immediate service can be requested at least an hour or two in advance so that you get easy access to these wheel chair taxis as the number is limited. In case you are sure about your trip then you can reserve a taxi in advance by few days or a week. Apart from the benefit of travelling one looks for the cost too.

But not to worry since these hailing companies offer you this benefit through their Uber clone script by launching this for the disabled people. Like any other person, even the disabled ones wish to have the same choice as all the other people get with various options pertaining to travel, time and price.

Not too many times do people get the advantage of being able to serve the others in the community while being able to build a business out of it. This is where your business can be a successful benchmark. With this app, you can not only be able to make a lot of money, but also help the people around you.

The disabled people are just as much a part of our society as we are. Discrimination happens not just when you don't consider their needs just as important as your own, but also when you have the opportunity to explore a business opportunity with the ability to do something for them and choose not to.

This application is the perfect way to give back to the community while making a treasure trove of money along with.  In case you are running taxis with the handicap accessibility through the Uber clone then you get to select the option in the details screen. Once this is ticked, you will be considered to be a handicapped rider requesting for a ride that can be controlled by the administrator too.